We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too. -Kristin Martz

Growing up in small towns all over the States, I’ve always loved traveling. One of my major goals is to visit more countries than years I’ve been alive, and I’m a bit behind (12-23), so I jumped at the opportunity to go abroad for the first time when I was 20 years old. I spent eight months meeting new people and experiencing cultures I didn’t even know existed. I came home having had my eyes opened to an entirely new world and way of thinking. Unfortunately, I only took a few pictures, and I lost most of them after my phone was stolen a couple of months after I returned.

This time, I’m documenting my travels with photos and articles so I can always remember my travels and note how my perspective has changed. (I mean, the only thing you have to offer the world is your perspective and interpretation of it. And I want my future kids to see their mom was “cool” at one point in her life.) I don’t just want to explore the countries you read about or see pictured in magazines. I want to explore places most people don’t explore and show you all the world is bigger than your backyard. I want to find the beauty in every country I am lucky enough to visit, and I want to get absorbed into the culture of each place. I want to experience each destination until I experience its’ full potential. 

I want to Get Lost.

Getting Lost doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find your way. It can also mean you’re taking the scenic route. We spend so much time staying on the course we think will lead us to our goals that we end up missing the best parts of the world and life. But to get lost in the moment, to understand the journey is the destination, is what matters most.

I’m Jen. Six months ago, I moved from Oceanside, California to Arlington, Virginia, which is when I decided to start this blog. As I mentioned, I thoroughly enjoy traveling, and since you’re here, you’re either a) a friend I told (asked) to come or b) a fellow traveler. Either way, thanks for your support. It feels weird putting myself out here like this. I feel sort of naked and exposed, even though I’m just lying in bed eating Chick-Fil-A grilled nuggets and mangoes. But I know it is worth it because I honestly enjoy helping others travel. I hope I can even inspire others to go beyond their home towns. It’s amazing how the mind can change and perceptions shift once you see things you thought you’d only read about. 

Aside from sharing my perspective, I want to help my fellow travel bugs with practical advice about traveling the world. I’m excited to share all of my adventures. As I visit places on my checklist, I’ll continue to write about my travel must-haves, tips that saved me from my own absentmindedness, and any tidbits of information that have helped me keep my life together while lost… especially on solo-trips. 

Anyway, I’ll keep y’all posted. Hope you enjoy getting lost with me.

\\ Jen

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